It’s all about hope

Last year I earned $33,000 annually working on a job I had grown to hate. It wasn’t a high income by any stretch of the imagination, nor the most money I had ever earned, but it was certainly more than the $19.99 I was paid today for an autographed copy of Undercover. Why did discovery of the $19.99 on my iPhone Paypal app thrill me to the point of causing me to walk out of the grocery store leaving my groceries behind, while the $33,000 was taken for granted, and stirred no emotion at all save contempt? It was all about hope.

The $19.99 held the possibility of better things to come, while the $33,000 represented only dependency on a dead end job I had come to resent doing. The one was a new beginning, the later a sad ending. For over a year I had worked tirelessly with my editor perfecting my novel, and today this purchase from a stranger in Dallas confirmed I could successfully market it to someone I had never met. It held within it a glimmer of hope.

Much that sustains us in early recovery is that glimmer of hope. Three years of drug free struggle passed before I was able to obtain my first professional full time employment with benefits, yet the hope of a better future kept me drug free and holding onto the dream until I could make it a reality.

Hope is the stuff early recovery and success are made of. If you have the faith of a grain of mustard seed nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing shall be impossible unto you. Yes, I know that isn’t original writing; most of us have heard it before. This isn’t original writing either. Don’t lose hope and give up before the miracle.

Undercover: Our Secret Obsessions


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