Poor Little Rich Addicts

Music has always touched my spirit as nothing else can. Frequently I fall in love with lyricists I’ve never actually met face to face, as nothing is more intimate than soul spilled on paper through the musical verse.

This morning I remembered two Randy Travis songs, one speaking to passion for one person and loyalty to another. The other, and perhaps my favorite, described the love of a little boy for a 90 year old man. Travis couldn’t have been more loving in his description of his great grandfather. I had to ask myself how so many talented musicians who seem so full of love for life become caught in the destructive pattern of addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Obviously, money and success do not exempt us from addictive disease, but could either or both perhaps make it more likely? My belief is that wealth and success make denial easier, and reduce consequences to a dangerous minimum.

Working class people often suffer from financial hardship or legal issues long before their alcohol or drug use leads to physical consequences or health problems. On the other hand, the world is all too forgiving of extremely talented entertaining personalities who can entertain under the influence, and buy their way out of legal predicaments. We literally love them to death. We make it far too easy for creative genius to be cut short and lost too soon to alcohol and drug related death.

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