A ‘Must Read’ for Anyone Who Has Been Touched by Addiction…

Undercover is a fast moving tour of the world of addiction and obsession in which a hard-edged vision of life blends convincingly with an enduring belief in life’s goodness. In the character of her protagonist Vandy Blake, author Valerie Belew captures the seduction, duplicity, and insanity of the drug addicted lifestyle.

Undercover is a compelling story of hope and recovery, and a must-read for anyone whoback cover has been touched by addiction-especially those who work in the field of substance abuse. Ms. Belew’s many years of first-hand experience in the field as an addiction counselor, clinical director and crisis intervention specialist come through in startling contrast. Her characters are instantly recognizable as real people caught up in a world of drugs, sex, pleasure, and dreams that turn into nightmares.

A true page-turner that penetrates the mind of the addicted and obsessed to reveal how close any of us might be to stumbling into their ring of fire.